Gwendy's Button Box

Friday the 13th seems like an appropriate day to read a scary story. I usually steer clear, but the new Stephen King short story, Gwendy’s Button Box written with Richard Chizmar caught my eye. 

Gwendy runs the suicide stairs up the sheer side of the cliff to Castle View every day. Over the course of a week she observes a man sitting on a bench at the top. One day, she joins him — a decision that will change her life forever. The stranger gives Gwendy a box with eight buttons along its top. She must learn if she possesses the strength to resist the box and its secret powers. 

Both a quick read and deeply thought provoking, this engaging short story held many underlying themes — the keeping of secrets, temptation, personal choice, destiny, and free will among others. A discerning reader can enjoy it for the power of a good story, or take it deeper and explore life truths along with Gwendy. 

Christian Cautions: definitely a Stephen King book, Gwendy is riddled with some of the typical elements in his stories. Namely, hints of the occult, crude sexual language, and swearing. I hesitate to recommend this book for those reasons, and it is certainly not for kids, but I will say it kept me entertained on a Friday (the 13th!) afternoon.