The Girl in Blue

My life tended toward the chaotic lately. Amidst these daily ups and downs I needed a brain break. I needed a literary snack. In short, I needed P.G. Wodehouse. Heading to the library, I found The Girl in Blue nestled in the stacks next to other works by Wodehouse. Minutes later, it was mine for the reading.

A little shoplifting, a small love triangle, some not so tiny debts owed, and soon everyone in sight is involved in searching for the Girl in Blue, a miniature portrait. G. G. F. West, Jerry to his friends, needs to find the eponymous painting to win the girl; Crispin Scrope must get his hands on it to stave off the broker’s man; and Willoughby Scrope just wants the darn thing back in his grasp where it belongs, right next to the Girl in Green a companion miniature. Will anyone succeed in finding the portrait in Bernadette Clayborne’s room? It won’t be an easy task with false butlers, constables, vicars, and fiancees at every turn.

As a classic P. G. Wodehouse tale, The Girl in Blue does not disappoint. Wodehouse’s quick wit dances through this British romp in the English countryside. I laughed out loud in several places, and my smile remained tightly fixed during the other bits. If you have never read Wodehouse, you really ought to give him a try, you won’t regret it.

How about you? What do you read when you need a break? I need some more reading recommendations, I don’t think my world is going to settle down anytime soon!

Andrea ChristensonComment