Kill Zone: Ten Deadly Thrillers

A little nibble around the edges. A bite taking far less time to chew. Something to scratch the reading itch, but not requiring more from me than sitting down and opening my eyes - this is what I’ve needed lately. (Read more about my literary snacks here.) Kill Zone: Ten Deadly Thrillers fit the bill nicely.

Ten suspense and thriller authors teamed up to produce a volume of short stories. Each story contains a character or plot line from one of their other published novels, but is in itself a stand-alone story arc. I’m not going to review each story here, I want to highlight two.

In "Full Draw," by Robert Liparulo, Hutch and Jagger race against the supernatural to save children from being abducted. The hunt turns personal when one of Jagger’s sons becomes one of the children targeted. As Hutch and Jagger’s worlds collide, they must learn to trust each other, or lose everything. 

I found "Full Draw" engaging, exciting, and intriguing. I plan to look up other books by Liparulo. This short story was my favorite in the collection.

Andi Hollister is in trouble. Addicted to pain pills and pursued by an angry Russian mobster, she must figure out a way to get her life back in order, not to mention protect her friend, Chloe. Admitting she has a problem could be Andi's key to accomplishing both goals. Follow Andi to rehab in "Revenge," by Patricia Bradley

I wanted to highlight Patricia Bradley’s story because of the review I gave to her novel Shadows of the Past (read the review here). In the review, I said I’d give Patricia Bradley another try. I’m glad I did. This short story redeemed my opinion of the author. Well done, Patricia, I will be looking up more of your novels in the future.

Also, as a picky reader and a bit of a pedant, I feel compelled to note that each story had some editing issues - misspellings and the like. A few times you could tell that auto-correct inserted the wrong word. Unfortunately, Full Draw, my favorite short of the ten, was the worst offender. If any of the authors featured in Kill Zone ever read this review, please know that I’d be happy to proof read any future short story or novel!! (I'm also happy to receive correction for my own spelling and grammar errors!)

*****Edited to add: This anthology has been removed from the Amazon Kindle store. You'll have to take my word on whether these short stories were any good! Do check out the authors I've mentioned and let me know what you think of their full length stories.

Christian Cautions: Nothing significant, as these are Christian novels. There are definitely perilous situations because of the thriller genre, mentions of illegal activity (drugs etc.) and some bloody scenes for the same reason. I’d give them a solid PG rating.