Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

How can you go wrong with a title like “Happy People Read and Drink Coffee”? Answer? You can and you can’t.

Diane suffers an unspeakable loss, rocking her off her feet. When a year passes and she still isn’t finding any equilibrium, her best friend Felix attempts to shake things up a bit by proposing a trip to somewhere - anywhere! Diane decides to go under two conditions, first she get to pick the place, and second, she goes alone. Felix reluctantly agrees and Diane flees Paris for a cottage in a small village in Ireland. What she finds there turns out to be just what she needs.

A novel full of human emotion, Happy People, by Agnes Martin-Lugand, takes its readers through the tunnel of grief and back out again. A quick read, it’s perfect for a rainy day with a mug of hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire. You can’t go wrong with Happy People.

And yet, you can go wrong. While I really appreciated the themes and story contained in the novel and even the writing itself (which was translated from French, so kudos to the translator!), I did not appreciate the foul language and the strong sexual innuendoes which just barely skirted the line of actual sex scenes. For these reasons I hesitate to recommend it. The novel would have been just as strong without these parts. 

Christian Cautions: Strong sexual innuendoes and some swearing as mentioned above.