The Shadow

As many of you know, I occasionally receive books to review and to give away from the BlogAbout Blogger Network. When the offer to read and review The Shadow by Kimberly Rae arose, I jumped at the opportunity. The plot line sounded intriguing, but even more intriguing is the ministry featured in the book: Rahab’s Rope. First my review of the book itself.

Meagan Winston’s life maintains a certain order. She works at Rahab’s Rope, a ministry selling jewelry to support women who are rescued from human trafficking, and twice a year she travels to India to bring jewelry supplies and pick up any finished pieces. Little does she know that she has attracted unwanted attention, first from a stalker and then from the feds. Meagan must learn who to trust in this thrilling, inspirational novel by Kimberly Rae.

Featuring international intrigue, a dash of suspense, and a hunky FBI agent, The Shadow aims to please. I enjoyed the developing love story between Meagan and Cole (no spoilers there, you can see they are destined for each other by chapter 3…), and the plot held enough twists to keep a reader guessing at how everything would turn out. This is the first book in the Rahab’s Rope series, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Meagan and Cole’s story.

Even more than the book, I appreciated being introduced to the ministry of Rahab’s Rope. You can find their website HERE. Rahab’s Rope works with women in India who have been trapped by the sex trade. Please, please visit their website to learn more about this important ministry. They have all kinds of ways you can help, from buying jewelry online, to hosting an in home jewelry party, to scheduling a short term missions trip. If you DO host an in home party, invite me!

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Lastly, the Giveaway! I received an extra, signed copy of The Shadow to give to one of my readers. Yay! Entering the giveaway contest is easy. Simply leave a comment below or leave a comment on my Facebook post that links back to this review. 

Happy reading and God Bless, Everyone!