Threads of Suspicion

Finding a new book by Dee Henderson on the New Releases bookshelf at the library felt like seeing an old friend after many years apart. I spotted Threads of Suspicion on that shelf and immediately snapped it up (turns out it is the second in a series, so I missed something somewhere…). My old friend Dee Henderson did not disappoint.

After Governor Jeffrey Bliss creates a missing persons task force, Evie Blackwell and her colleagues must work together to close cold cases from across the state of Illinois. Evie and her partner, David, are assigned to find a missing college student. Their case twists and turns through the local music scene, the college campus, and a close-knit neighborhood. Part thriller, part police procedural, Threads of Suspicion unravels the mystery of the missing college student and manages to tie up a few other loose ends along the way.

An excellent re-introduction to Dee Henderson’s work, I’m glad I picked up this book. Now I need to go back to the library to see if I can find the first Evie Blackwell cold case!

I do have two complaints about Dee Henderson books. I will put them both here, and then never speak of them again. First, her characters tend to be too perfect. They are always totally self aware, correctly read situations at a single glance, and never seem to make mistakes. The men are perfect gentlemen and the relationship breakups are amicable (many of her overlapping characters have dated each other in the past — none hold a grudge or show the slightest discomfort at being the same room with one another). While these virtues are commendable, they come off as unrealistic. 

Secondly, her characters always seem to have a LOT of money. I realize some really do have high paying jobs, an art dealer, a bestselling author, a jeweler, etc. but many are in mid-level jobs, a detective, a firefighter, a federal marshal. Yet they don’t blink an eye at mailing each other special order pizza from one coast to another, getting on a plane at a moment’s notice, or buying each other extravagant birthday gifts. These and other examples feel off to me. I will give Dee Henderson the benefit of the doubt — perhaps a Lieutenant in the Springfield, Illinois police department makes more money than I would guess, or perhaps her characters are all quite a bit more generous than I am. 

I hope you’ll give her books a try. Let me know what you think!