I Funny

Middle schooler, Jamie Grimm, is funny. At least he hopes so. He uses humor as a weapon against bullies, a tool to earn tips at the diner, and a shield against facing truths about his life. When his uncle challenges him to sign up for a local stand-up comedy competition, Jamie isn’t so sure. After all, he CAN'T stand up, not since the accident that left him in a wheel chair. Jamie looks to his favorite comedians for inspiration and hopes against hope that he Will. Not. Choke.

James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein team up in this novel about overcoming adversity and learning laughter really is the best medicine. The duo present a heartwarming book which doesn’t ignore real world problems such as grief, disabilities, and bullying. 

My 9 year year old daughter won “I Funny” as a prize for a summer reading challenge. She chuckled the whole way through the book, and, to be honest, so did I. If you’ve got a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader in your life, look up “I Funny” and see if it tickles their funny bone. 

Note: there is some bathroom and zombie humor in the book, which is, I suppose, to be expected when the main character is a middle school boy!