One Came Home

When my daughter added One Came Home to her stack of books from the library, I decided to read it too. I never expected to spend every waking moment devouring the pages. The story of Georgie Burkhardt grabbed me and would not let go.

Thirteen years old and a talented sharpshooter, Georgie searches for answers to the riddle of what happened to her sister. Surely the body laying in the pine box must be another auburn haired girl. Surely, the dirty, torn, blue-green dress must have passed from Agatha’s hands onto the body of this stranger they are burying. Why can’t anyone else see the truth? From her hometown of Placid, Wisconsin, Georgie begins a quest to prove she is right. 

Exploring themes of grief and denial and hope while painting a vivid picture of life in the late 1800’s, Amy Timberlake’s Newbery Honor winner floats across the pages like the feathers of a passenger pigeon. I highly recommend this book for grades 3 and up as well as adult readers. I also recommend eating donuts and drinking coffee while you TRY to put the book down.