Favorites Friday -- What's your favorite book? Part 2

If you ask me what my favorite book is, you’d better have a cup of coffee in your hand and a comfortable place to sit because we are going to be there a LONG time. I can never pick just one book — there are so many good ones! Just when I think I’ve picked an absolute favorite, a “stranded on a deserted island” book if you will, I remember that one book I read last summer or two years ago or ten…

What I can do though, is list a bunch of my top favorites. Four or five books I go back to again and again. Books I always find myself recommending to people. I’ve been sharing this list over the past few weeks on Favorites Friday. Is Favorites Friday a thing? Well, it is now. I’m making it a thing.

Today I’m introducing Beginning Readers, or new/early readers and early grades. As reading levels can vary between each child, especially in younger grades, I’m not going to be too strict about the breakdowns. 


Elephant and Piggie By Mo Willems

At our house we love all of the Elephant and Piggie books. Our first time reading them through, we implemented a strict policy that none of us could read a new one until we all read it together. No spoilers allowed! Using simple words and simple drawings Mo Willems creates relatable characters with relatable problems.

A personal favorite of mine answers the existential question we all ask: Should I Share my Ice Cream? Find out what Elephant and Piggie decide in the hilarious book of the same name.


Fly Guy By Tedd Arnold

What is the perfect pet for a boy named Buzz? Why, a fly of course! The friendship between Fly Guy and Buzz is a match made in heaven. Follow Fly Guy on his high flying adventures, including getting lost, becoming a super hero, and falling in love.

With an easy reading style and a not-quite rhyming cadence, this early reader is sure to please. If you have a bug lover, I highly recommend Fly Guy. For a slightly more advanced reader, consider the “Fly Guy Presents” series where Fly Guy introduces readers to fun facts about their favorite topics. 


Junie B. Jones By Barbara Park

In the first book of the Junie B. Jones series, Junie B. (she has a longer middle name, but she just likes B and that’s all) finds herself hating the school bus she rides each day. When she schemes a way to avoid the trip home general hilarity ensues. 

With opinions about everything and a definite idea about how the world should run, Junie B. keeps readers in stitches. A word of caution, however. Her laugh-out-loud sass can sometimes leak over into your student’s attitude. At our house we take breaks between reading these books and talk often about how to interact with people in an appropriate way. 



Geronimo Stilton By Geronimo Stilton

A mouse made for adventure, Geronimo Stilton is also a newspaper editor and writer. Join Geronimo, his sister, Thea, and a clever cast of other whiskered characters on a series of fur raising trips to faraway places. Geronimo will have plenty to write about in his next book!

Filled with lively pictures and even more lively text, the Geronimo Stilton books keep readers turning the pages to see “what next?” If, like me, you love word play, and if, like me, you enjoy rollicking expeditions with zany plot twists, you are going to get a kick out of Geronimo Stilton. Also, don’t miss the Thea Stilton sister series (pun only kinda intended).

What great books do you recommend for this reading level? Help us build our library wish list by commenting below!


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