Spy School Secret Service

Today we have a guest post written by my 6th grade daughter, Macy. Enjoy her review of Spy School Secret Service 


   For the past three years, I received Spy School books as gifts. At Christmas I excitedly unwrapped Spy School Secret Service.

    Benjamin "Ben" Ripley is 13, and attends a secret school for becoming an undercover Spy for the CIA. Now, although he is only a second year student, he is being activated to save President Stern from being killed. Yes, out of the hundreds of people visiting the White House that day, he alone has to find the evil SPIDER agent. To complete his mission, Ben must endure a “play-date” with the President’s son, Jason. Ben believes he and Jason are too old to have playdates. To make matters more complicated, Jason is a big jerk! Join Ben at the White House as he dodges bombs, the Secret Service, and SPIDER agents, and learns who he can and cannot trust.

    Spy School Secret Service is the newest book in the Spy School series. Stuart Gibbs writes a fun, and suspenseful novel which is hard to put down. Other titles include, Spy School, Spy Camp,  Evil Spy School, and Spy Ski School. Throughout the whole series there is a little bad language, but otherwise the books are awesome! In my opinion, they make a perfect Christmas or Birthday present for your adventure loving 4th, through 7th grader.


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