You're Gonna Want to Read This

A Note About November

Usually about this time each year I am busy plotting and preparing for NANoWriMo, a national writing competition where you challenge yourself to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. (More on the contest HERE) I’ve loved taking part in that adventure, however, this year, I am trying something different.

Nov - 30 for 30 reviews

30 days, 30 books, 30 reviews.

That’s right. I’m going to try to read 30 books and write a review every day in the month of November. A friend remarked “that’s quite the pace” but, you guys, I’ve been training for this marathon all my life! I’ve already begun listing out which books I’d like to read and they fall into just about every category out there, including picture books (I’ll need to catch up somehow!).

A new challenge deserves a new look, so my reviews in November will be more streamlined. Each one will follow the same pattern.

The Pick

The Plot/Premise

The Pros and Cons

The Perfect Book For…

Some of the great reads I’ve selected for November. Do you see one you recommended?

Some of the great reads I’ve selected for November. Do you see one you recommended?

Here’s where you come in - I need cheerleaders! You can spur me on in two ways.

  1. Join in on the fun and read along with me. Marathons are always better when run with a partner! If you’re interested, I’ll send you my complete list.

  2. Cheer me on in the race! Comments, social media shares, and hearty pats on the back are so very appreciated. If I’ve read one of your favorite books, tell the world about it. If I’ve impressed you with my stamina, leave me a note. I love and need all that stuff.

Lastly, some of you know that I have a big birthday coming up this November. I think that milestone deserves a celebration. So, in keeping with our “30” theme, if I can get 30 new subscribers to my email list I’ll pick someone to win a prize. I’ve been collecting some fun things to give away, and you’re gonna love what I’ve found. Maybe I’ll get carried away and make several prize packages. Tell everyone.

P.S. Wondering how this review frenzy will affect your email inbox? You will still get only one review email in a week. It will include links for each of the reviews. If I happen to have time to write a devotional thought or share a short story post, those will come in separate emails. November is shaping up to be a great month!