Drumroll Please! Tenacious Hope now Available on Amazon!!

Caution: Shameless self-promotion ahead. Except, can it be called self-promotion if I don’t actually receive anything from the promotion? You, dear reader, will be the one who benefits. Nevertheless (which is a great word, by the way), I call it shameless self-promotion because I’m promoting a thing I had a hand in making.

Enough build-up.

Today I wanted to showcase something I’ve been working on with a team of talented people: a 31-day devotional titled Tenacious Hope: Discovering Joy and Peace in God’s Perfect Plan.

Here it is, in living color!

Here it is, in living color!

This devotional, which was put together for the Thrive Conference (more details HERE), features articles written by 31 talented women of all walks of life (including Yours Truly! I know, right?). Because I held the privilege of being on the team putting this book together, I got a first (and second, and third…) glimpse at each of these articles. I can personally vouch for their awesomeness.


!!!!!All the exclamation points!!!!

Tenacious Hope is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on attributes of God in which we can anchor our hope. The second looks at how this hope can help us overcome struggles, and the third section shows us how to leverage our hope in Christ to do good for others. Each article tells a personal story and the Scriptural truth which speaks to the situation.


Isn’t my mom cute?

I love that I can share this day with her.

I was personally edified as I worked through Tenacious Hope. I pray everyone who reads it will be blessed.

Get your copy of Tenacious Hope HERE