A Must-Read for Every Budding Scientist

Nov - 30 for 30 reviews

Here we go! Day one of #30inNovember

The Pick: Max Einstein, The Genius Experiment by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

The Plot: Orphaned and homeless, Max (short for Maxine) Einstein finds herself in the middle of an international plot. She and a group of other brilliant pre-teens must find a way to evade The Corp while also solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

The Pros/Cons: I have been waiting for this book to come out for MONTHS! I’ve loved Chris Grabenstein’s other books (read more HERE), and a collaboration with James Patterson can bring nothing but more goodness. I wasn’t wrong. This story about a 12 year-old, redheaded, genius girl hit all the right notes for me as a mom and as someone who is trying to teach science to her daughters. Max’s character makes science sound interesting and attainable. More than that, though, Max Einstein is also kind, friendly, and humble about her smarts (unlike other people I could mention - I’m looking at you, Klaus!). She has a genuine desire to see the world be a better place, a sentiment all of us can learn to adopt.

The Perfect Book For: Any budding scientist 9-13 years old.

Bonus Quote from Max Einstein, The Genius Experiment (Max is imagining talking to her hero, Albert Einstein)

“So, that means that even the tiniest object contains an enormous amount of energy, right?”

“Bingo. Even the smallest among us have the potential to add a gigantic amount of energy to this world. And if you don’t believe that, first thing tomorrow morning, just look in the mirror.”