It's My Party and I'll Read What I Want To

The Pick: Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard

The Plot: 15 year-old Callie is tired of being ignored by the cool girls during their school trip to London. Figuring she’d better do something to catch their attention she buys a pair of Prada heels. On her way out of the store, she trips, falls, and lands smack dab in the middle of 1815. Now Callie needs to navigate the tricky social politics around her, pretend to be someone she is not, and help her new friend avoid a troublesome engagement, all while under the scrutiny of the hunky, but prideful, Alex.

The Pros and Cons: Yes, I am reading another Pride and Prejudice adaptation. It’s my birthday this month and I can read what I want to! (No, seriously, my 40th birthday is THIS week. I know, crazy, right? This seems like a good time to remind you that if I get 30 new email subscribers in November I will be sending out a prize package to someone on my email list. Know a book reader who needs new suggestions? Send them the link to my sign-up. Only 15 more people to go! Wow, this is a really long set of parenthetical remarks. Back to the review.) When I needed an extra couple of bucks to get free shipping on Amazon (maybe it’s time to think about free shipping with Prime…) I spotted Prada and Prejudice and added it to my cart to be read this month. Mandy Hubbard’s adaptation is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Callie and Alex (A.K.A. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy), and the little twists thrown in really worked. Though it didn’t stick too closely to the standard plot line of Pride and Prejudice, Prada and Prejudice was a lighthearted, quick, easy read. Recommended for ages 13 and above with the caveats below.

The Cons (Caveats? Cautions? I’m never quite sure what to call this part. Do you guys have any suggestions?) There is mention of “clubbing” although that doesn’t seem to mean underage drinking just dancing, and there are many times the word “God” is used, and not to praise His name.

The Perfect Book For: Anyone who enjoys a light teen romance or a time slip novel.