What Will You Do If The Lights Go Out?

The Pick: The Light by Jacqueline Brown

The Plot: Bria and her friends are stranded when an EMP is detonated high above America. They team up with the Page family to survive life after the lights go out. While relying on each other and their Catholic faith, Bria, her friends, and the Pages endure events they never imagined.

The Pros and Cons: I’m a sucker for a good post-apocalyptic novel and The Light did not disappoint. The characters faced realistic problems and solved them in (mostly) realistic ways. I enjoyed the relationships that developed, and the reliance on faith and prayer to help guide them. This is the first book in The Light series, and I can see the author is going to have a lot of fun developing the storyline and characters further. I look forward to reading the rest of the books, but maybe I’d better wait until after #30inNovember!

The only “con” I have is that a few places moved too quickly, and some details got lost in the process, I found myself thinking “Wait, what?” Sometimes a reread of the previous paragraph would help, but sometimes not.

The Perfect Book For: Ages 16 and up, especially if they like to imagine how they would survive if suddenly plopped back into the 1800’s.