Keep Your Cool

The Pick: Winter’s Secret by Lyn Cote

The Plot: Steadfast, Wisconsin has seen its share of petty crime, but when a serial thief nicknamed The Weasel starts threatening the town’s senior citizens, it’s up to the new sheriff, Rodd Durand to find him before someone gets hurt. Rodd enlists the help of Wendy Carey and sparks fly while they track down the culprit.

The Pros and Cons: I read this book as we drove down the Florida coast on our way to Miami. I have to say, reading a book about wintertime while in the beautiful sunshine of Florida is not a bad way to go. Winter’s Secret did such a good job of transporting me to another place I didn’t need the air conditioning. Billed as a mystery and a clean romance novel, Winter’s Secret delivered fully on both aspects. The development of the romance was perfectly timed (and refreshingly clean) and the mystery kept me guessing until the end. If you want a deep, “thinky” read, look elsewhere. But if you want an engaging story, check out Winter’s Secret.

The Perfect Book For: Keeping cool on a warm day, and warming a cold day with a little romance.

P.S. You guys! We’ve made it halfway through the month! #30inNovember is still within reach!