This Book Isn't Quite What You'd Expect

The Pick: Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

The Plot: Eleanor has her weekly routine perfected and nothing throws her off her path, that is, until she spots a man who is likely to be her soulmate. Her carefully planned life is thrown even farther off kilter when she begins meeting new people and going new places.

The Pros and Cons: I’m going to start with the cons part of this section. There is swearing, drinking (like, a lot of drinking…), and some other graphic descriptions of abuse (not sexual) in this book. I’d give it a high PG13 (possibly R) rating.

With that being said, I still recommend Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and here’s why: Eleanor is not completely fine. I know, big surprise, but, during her journey to mental health we learn a lot about true friendship, respectful interactions with others, and treating people with kindness. Eleanor’s straightforward approach to life is refreshing and sometimes laugh out loud funny. I’d like to share a cup of tea with her sometime.

The Perfect Book For: Anyone who likes a deeper read with a psychological twist.