What if King David Lived Near a Swamp?

The Pick: The Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers

The Plot: Aiden Errolson is the youngest of his brothers. While tending sheep in near his home in Corenwald, he dreams of adventure. After a visit from Bayard the Truthspeaker, Aiden begins to realize that adventure is closer than he first thought.

The Pros and Cons: Remember how I said I shouldn’t have put books which are part of a series on the #30inNovember list? Yeah, The Bark of the Bog Owl is another one where I wish I could jump into the rest of the story.

Stepping into Corenwald is akin to stepping into King Arthur’s world, if King Arthur lived in the swamps of Georgia or the bayous of Mississippi. This retelling of the life of the biblical character of David is a stirring and inspiring story for all who love accounts of knights, and kings, and battles, and alligators. I recommend The Bark of the Bog Owl to young men (10 and up) and women looking to serve the One God with bravery and faith.

The Perfect Book For: Young people who dream of more, and the adults who encourage them.

Bonus Quote:

“Live the life that unfolds before you. Love goodness more than you fear evil.” (pg. 43)