Make Schoolwork Great Again

The Pick: The Way They Learn by Cynthia Ulrich Tobias

The Premise: Each child possess a unique set of learning, thinking, and working styles. Parents and teachers who understand these styles can better encourage the kids in their care to succeed.

The Pros and Cons: Currently, I am writing this in between washing a load of laundry and packing up our suitcases. That’s right, our vacation is over and we need to head home to reality tomorrow. Reality for our family means back to school — homeschool, that is. When I asked for suggestions for #30inNovember, a friend recommended The Way They Learn. Though I’m familiar with the concepts, I’ve never read it. Today, as I’m mentally preparing to head back home, seemed like an appropriate day to change that fact.

In The Way They Learn, Cynthia Ulrich Tobias provides a brief overview of several learning styles. As I read through the various characteristics, it was humorous to see my family reflected in this one or that one. I am eager to have them take the quizzes and get a better picture of their individual nuances. I recommend this book to anyone who works with kids. A word of caution however, don’t try to read it in one day, especially while sitting next to the ocean — you may get distracted! (Unless, of course, you are a Abstract Random, Kinesthetic, Global, Linguistic learner, then the chaos and beauty of the beach could be the PERFECT place for you to read The Way They Learn in an afternoon.)

The Perfect Book For: Parents and teachers who want to better understand their young charges.

Goodbye, Beach! You’ve been good to us, but now it’s time for reality.

Goodbye, Beach! You’ve been good to us, but now it’s time for reality.