Christian, You Need a Copy of this Book in your Life

The Pick: Hope in the Dark by Craig Groeschel

The Premise: How can we trust that God is good when our life falls apart? How can we cling to His promises when our strength is gone? Hope in the Dark looks at those questions and more through the lens of the biblical book of Habakkuk.

The Pros and Cons: A few years ago my husband was granted a three month sabbatical from his job. This needed respite from his demanding work as pastor gave us a chance to catch our breath and mend some things that were broken in our life. We began those three months spiritually dry and worn out. Knowing we needed some structured Bible study in order to refresh and refill our souls, we turned to The Quiet Time Companion (highly recommend!) to guide our times in God’s Word. One of the first books we read through was Habakkuk. Friend, do you ever find yourself reading a Scripture passage that you are positive God wrote especially for you? That was our experience in the book of Habakkuk. God’s promises to the people of Israel, His promises to Habakkuk nestled deeply into our hearts and grew into faith.

Imagine my delight when I learned Craig Groeschel’s book Hope in the Dark contained a look at Habakkuk’s struggles and journey to faith. I couldn’t buy the book fast enough. This (for me) refresher on the book of Habakkuk, God’s promises during hardship, and honest look at faith even when hope seems lost, reads more like a conversation between friends than a Bible study. The wording is accessible, and the stories shared are relatable. Because every one of us WILL go through hard times, every one of us WILL sometimes be living in the dark, every Christian should own a copy of Hope in the Dark, and maybe even keep a copy on hand to give away.

The Perfect Book For: Anyone who knows suffering, who doubts, or asks God “why?” Perfect for any Christian who isn’t perfect.