Have a Teen Daughter? You Need this Book

The Pick: Face Time, Your Identity in a Selfie World by Kristen Hatton

The Premise: In our social media happy world, it can be easy to lose sight of where our identity is found - in our relationship with Christ. Kristen Hatton leads teen girls through God’s word, showing them how much He cares for them and how they view themselves.

The Pros and Cons: When I first bought Face Time (shout-out to Walt Mueller and CPYU for telling me and my hubby about it! Be sure to check out Walt’s podcast featuring Kristen Hatton.), I thought the book was designed for parents to read in order to understand their teenagers, especially their daughters. I was delighted to be wrong! While every parent of teenagers should read this book, it is actually designed to be used as a Bible study for young people to see and understand the truths about themselves and their self-worth through the lens of Scripture. With thought provoking questions, and plenty of room for journaling, Kristen Hatton reinforces the idea that our identity is firmly planted in Christ, not in our popularity, our waist size, or our struggles.

Cautions: There is mention of sexual activity in the book, though not graphic. There is also mention of self harm. Face Time is possibly better suited for slightly more mature teens, perhaps in the 14-18 year range, though younger girls are certainly at risk for those behaviors as well.

The Perfect Book For: Teen girls, either in a small group Bible study, or on their own. Also, parents of teens should get their own copies.

Bonus Quote:

“Jesus left the glory of heaven to live in this broken, sinful, dark world to be in a relationship with you. God came down to enter your world. Not to judge you, but to be judged for you!” (Face Time pg. 25)

Andrea ChristensonComment