The One I Didn't Finish and You Shouldn't Either

At Last in Laguna

The Pick: At Last in Laguna by Claire Marti

The Plot: Alyssa Morgan waits impatiently for Brandt Dempsey to finally realize she is no longer a child. Meanwhile, Brandt is desperate to ignore the feelings he has for his best friend’s kid sister, because he never intends to have a real relationship. Period. Sparks fly when Alyssa decides to make a bold move.

The Pros and Cons: I received this book as part of a romance book prize package and it sat on my shelf for months. Its small size convinced me to put it in the lineup for #30inNovember. I regret to say that I cannot give this book a positive review. The writing is well done, and the characters are interesting, however I didn’t finish the book. As I feared I would, I blushed my way through the first few chapters. The descriptions of the “romantic” scenes were far too steamy and graphic for me. Finally, enough was enough and I put the book down.

If you are looking for a good romance, with plenty of drama and “Will she or won’t she?” but none of the graphic descriptions, may I suggest anything by Susan May Warren? I’ve reviewed a few of her books here before (such as Nothing But Trouble and Sons of Thunder) and she has a new series out now featuring a search and rescue team working in Montana.

The Perfect Book For: Adults only, and, due to my own convictions as a Christ-follower, I don’t even recommend it for them. I’ve decided not to provide Amazon links for At Last in Laguna instead I’ve only provided links for the Susan May Warren books.