Joplin Wishing

I’ve mentioned my love of middle grade fiction before; you can find some other titles I’ve reviewed HERE and HERE. Enchanted by the blue and white Delft pottery on the cover, Joplin Wishing sang me a siren song until I plucked it off the shelf and brought it home. 

Joplin’s family keeps loads of secrets. Secrets like: why did Joplin’s grandfather stop writing at the height of his career? And: why doesn’t Joplin’s mom like to go to her childhood home? Joplin has no idea the number of mysteries she will solve when she pieces together the broken Dutch platter she inherited from her grandfather. What she DOES know is that she is different from other girls, she knows she longs for a friend, and she knows that wishes can come true. 

Joplin Wishing is a sweet story about a girl searching for family connection. The novel deals briefly with grief and how different people react to the loss of a loved one. I enjoyed the read and recommend it to anyone who believes in the power of wishes. Target age is in the 8-11 year old range.