Turtles All the Way Down

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars received much fanfare, and a movie contract which made his newest novel Turtles all the Way Down an instant hit. I was eager to see if all the fuss held any merit.

Aza Holmes navigates her way through high school, friendships, and a mystery, all while battling OCD. Most people believe that OCD leaves you focused and intense, like Sherlock Holmes, but Aza can tell you it is nothing like that. She wonders if she is controlling her body or if her body is controlling her. How would she ever know? When a tragedy strikes an old friend, Aza must figure out how to live with the disease while not sabotaging any of her relationships. 

The short answer: Yes, the fuss was merited. I really, really liked this book. John Green illustrated mental illness in simple but powerful words. I recommend Turtles All the Way Down to, well, to everyone but especially to those who know someone struggling with a mental illness (this probably includes all of us!). The book is written for a high school audience.

Christian Cautions: There is swearing, like, a lot of swearing. And why? Why do authors think they need all that? There are other words in the English language! Why, oh why, do they need to use those ones again and again?! Sigh, rant over. There are also brief mentions of sex in the book.