The Promise Between Us

I don’t try to read by theme, but sometimes themes find me. I finished reading Turtles all the Way Down by John Green, and then I won a copy of The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White. If Turtles is a young adult primer on OCD as a disease, Promise is OCD all grown up. 

A metal artist, Katie Mack is living a lie. She hides the truth that she ran away from her husband and daughter years ago. She thought she left to protect her daughter, but what if she only left to protect herself? When a chance encounter lands Katie in the same room as her daughter, Katie must face her past and her OCD or let both consume her again.

As a disease, OCD is widely misunderstood. We think of it as a habit of keeping our clothes perfectly lined up, or turning the light on and off twice before we go out the door. Unfortunately, OCD is much more insidious. Barbara Claypole White seeks to break the myths and the stigma surrounding the disease, but she doesn’t do it at the expense of the story. Promise drew me in and didn’t let me go. The tender relationship between Katie, her daughter, and her friends and family reminded me of everything beautiful about living in community. 

Christian Cautions: Swear words throughout. There are sexual situations, some of which are traumatic in nature (I’d get more specific, but my children read my book reviews…). There is also loads of discussion about mental illnesses - which isn’t a “Christian” caution so much as a general one. If you are sensitive to that type of material, this book may not be for you.