The Wonder Years

This year marks a big anniversary for me - the 40th anniversary of the day I was born. That’s right, this year I join the “40 and over” crowd. This momentous occasion doesn’t bother me too much, at least until I start thinking about it. It is strange to think about my own mortality — a subject that I’ve thought about more this past year than probably ever before. I find myself reading articles about women who made their mark after 40 years had marked them. I’m realizing that I am no longer prematurely gray-haired, now I’m just gray-haired. I’ve discovered that there are things I will simply never do in my lifetime (Go to Hollywood and make movies, for example.). When I read about Leslie Fields’ new book The Wonder Years: 40 Women over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty and Strength I knew that was a book for me. 

After all, I will be 40.

In The Wonder Years Leslie Fields’ gathers essays from 40 women of faith. Each woman writes poignantly about how her life has changed and grown sweeter over the years. Some speak of loss and heartache, some speak of new courage and new adventures, some of the essays are funny and some bring tears to your eyes. Each one is a precious gem strung onto a necklace of joy. 

This book is a beautiful example of women encouraging women to live their best life. Full of God’s grace and the wisdom he gives to each one, the essays fulfill the title’s promises of Faith, Beauty, and Strength. I can’t speak highly enough of this book. Mother’s Day is coming up, what a perfect time to bless a woman in your life with a copy.