The 49th Mystic

Christian thriller readers the world over rejoiced to hear that Ted Dekker was back in the game with a new book. Would his newest book The 49th Mystic live up to the buzz? Truthfully, not all of Ted Dekker's novels are up my alley, but I did enjoy his Circle series, and looked forward to checking out The 49th Mystic.

Rachelle Matthews is blind, but she doesn’t let that stop her from living a full life in her small town. Eden, tucked deep in the mountains of Utah, is a near utopia filled with 153 people. Rachelle is blind, but her father won’t give up until he cures her of this defect. Meanwhile, in another place and another time, the war between the Albinos and the Hoarde is heating up. Can Rachelle cross over and save both her own world and Other Earth? Will her blindness turn out to be a strength?

In this mind bending new addition to the Circle series, Ted Dekker gives a new view of the world around us. This book opened my adrenaline channel and didn’t close it down until the final page. Do not read if you want to sleep!!

Ultimately, I really enjoyed The 49th Mystic. Like always, Dekker’s take on the world, both physical and spiritual, goes deep. He elegantly explains some spiritual truths, while offering up others as a brain twisting riddle. His fans will not be disappointed.

Christian cautions and caveats: Throughout the book, Dekker treads a fine line between brilliance and heresy. Readers familiar with his works will recognize similar themes. There is also violence, earning this book a solid PG13 rating. Recommended for mature teen/ adult readers.