Beneath the Ancient Dust

Can anything good come from Afghanistan? As an American who regularly hears negative news about Afghanistan, I wondered what light Beneath the Ancient Dust would shed on what the true Afghanistan is like. I discovered that, like most things, life in Afghanistan is more complex and nuanced than the local news would have us believe. I also discovered that there is much we can learn from the Afghan people about Biblical truth in everyday life. 

Author Melissa Meyers and her husband (and eventually their kids) lived and worked in Afghanistan for nine years. Throughout their time in that often primitive place, Melissa realized how much more REAL the stories of the Bible became to her. The way the Afghans lived more closely resembled the way Jesus would have lived than her previous life in America. Melissa found a passion for writing and she began journaling her observations. This book grew out of those thoughts.

Part travelogue, part Bible study, Beneath the Ancient Dust helps unlock and display truths straight from Scripture.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys journeys to foreign lands, imagining ethnic foods, or learning new ways to think about ancient truths. 

Quotable: “When I embrace the liberty extended to me by God’s grace, he gives me the courage to do what I never thought possible, in the small and the big things of life.”

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