Less Than Perfect

When I heard that Ann Spangler was finishing a new book, I jumped for joy (you can read my review of another Ann Spangler book HERE and HERE). Ann’s writing is easy to read and enjoyable. I even took this one to the beach.


Less Than Perfect takes a look at biblical character through an honest lens. Each person is seen for their true selves, faults included. Spangler writes each story in a lightly fictionalized way, showing each one to be more than just one dimensional. She also includes a section highlighting some of the history that is relevant to that particular story. She concludes the chapters with several thought provoking questions.

As always when it comes to Ann Spangler’s books, I highly recommend Less Than Perfect. Her tagline “Broken Men and Women of the Bible and What We can Learn from Them,” is spot on. Each account tells us again that God can use all of us, even those of us who are broken — perhaps especially those of us who are broken.


You can buy the book on Amazon HERE.

Andrea ChristensonComment