The Choosing

Hey, did you know that Ted Dekker’s daughter is also a writer? Neither did I until a friend gave me that tip (Thanks, Rachel!). Rachelle Dekker is the author of the Seer Trilogy which begins with The Choosing.

In The Choosing, Carrington Hale anxiously waits to be chosen by a young man, thus securing her place in society. Her post-apocalyptic world exists within the boundaries of the city once known as Washington DC in America. In this last remaining bastion of life, the Authority rules supreme. The Authority teaches that a girl only has worth when she is chosen. Any girl not married by the age of 18 is sent to be a city worker/slave. Carrington is startled to learn that not all believe the Authority’s teaching on worthiness and being chosen. Now Carrington must also decide who, and what, to believe in.

I really enjoyed this post-apocalyptic novel. Rachelle Dekker does an excellent job of exploring where we find our true worth without being preachy. The setting and characters were believable and the action was engaging. I recommend it to fans of Christian future fiction ages 15 and above (adults too!). The Choosing is followed by The Calling and then The Returning.

Cautions and Caveats: The only caution I have, and it’s a very mild one, is this: Like her father, Ms. Dekker treads a very fine line sometimes with her theology. (Read more about my thoughts on this HERE.) Ultimately, I believe I agree with her, but once in a while a statement would cause me to pause. As this book is not meant to be a treatise on theology and is an imaginative look at a possible future, I wouldn’t stress about the theological language too much.

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