That Time I Read a Book my Daughter Recommended

Around here there is no lack of books to read. Stacks of them cover many, many surfaces of our home. Right now I am sitting in our living room and there are at least five books within grabbing distance. Nope, make that seven, I forgot the ones in the briefcase at my feet. Not to mention the bookcase in the corner…

The challenge comes when I try to decide what to read. As a self-confessed reading omnivore, contentment comes in many forms. This time, though, I followed a recommendation from my 13yo.

The Last Musketeer is a middle grade time travel story about a 14-year-old named Greg. Even better, it is a time travel story which takes us to France in the early 1600’s. Swordplay, ancient conspiracies, and a visit to the Louvre all feature prominently in the book. So fun.

I really enjoyed The Last Musketeer. The story kept moving, and was fairly believable in the interaction between a modern teenager and teens from the 1600’s. I found nothing objectionable with the morals of the book, Greg is respectful, resourceful, and responsible. My 13yo recommended it to me, and now I recommend it to you. My only caveat: be prepared for a series, while The Last Musketeer ends with a somewhat satisfactory wrap-up, it is the first in a trilogy.