A Book Recommendation I'm Glad I Took

I glean book recommendations everywhere I go. On airplanes, I’m the creep who is craning her neck to see the title of the paperback you are reading. At the library I send surreptitious glances at the stacks on books in someone else’s hands. If you casually mention reading something interesting, I pounce on the tidbit like a cat after her favorite catnip toy. But, let’s be honest, I mostly get my book recommendations from Facebook. (Got a good book I should know about? Drop it in the comments!)

A few weeks ago someone mentioned The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo on Facebook and I added it to my Amazon cart. Then, when the children’s librarian asked me to lead a book discussion with some 4th and 5th grade homeschoolers, it felt like kismet.

The Tiger Rising tells the tale of two kids in Florida who discover a caged tiger. While also dealing with private struggles, they must decide what to do about the tiger.

A quick, easy, but by no means simple read, The Tiger Rising explores themes of grief, bullying, and family. If this sounds grim, rest assured that the book has flashes of sunlight to brighten up the bleakness. My 13yo gave it two thumbs up, and so do I. I’m looking forward to talking about the novel with a room full of eager minds.

Cautions/Caveats: There are a few mild swear words, and some instances of violent bullying.