Can a Friendship Span Decades Without Consequence?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I needed a kick in the pants to begin writing again (read about it HERE), but the dark hole I was in didn’t mean I stopped reading altogether. That would be akin to deciding to never breathe again, or to never eat a piece of chocolate (yes, those are roughly the same thing). During my dry writing patch, and my long, dark slog through winter I had the privilege of reading some beautiful books.

One of those books was The Last Year of the War by my friend, Susan Meissner (I’m totally claiming her as a friend, we’ve met twice now at writing conferences and she’s responded to me personally on Facebook at least once. I mean, we’re practically besties now!). Because of our *ahem* friendship, I may be biased, but I really did enjoy The Last Year of the War.

Telling the story of two girls caught up in the same internment camp during WWII, The Last Year of the War is a split timeline novel. Touching on themes of friendship, realities of war, bravery, and love, the novel sheds light on an often forgotten aspect of WWII, namely the internment camps in America and how they affected the lives of the people forced to live in them. Meissner takes a slower approach to telling this story (though her other books aren’t necessarily fast-paced) making it a tale to savor and ponder.

I recommend this book to history buffs, split timeline enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a story about friendships which span decades.

Cautions/Caveats: A few mild swear words and war related violence.