The Big "R" Word

Is there any trickier and yet more rewarding relationship than that of the one between mothers and daughters? Perhaps, maybe, the relationships between sisters or sisters of the heart… But usually those aren’t quite so fraught with the minefields many experience in their relationships with their mom. (Sorry, Men, I don’t know much about your relationships, if you want to check out of this book review feel free, but if you stick with us, maybe you will find a resource for your mom or wife or sister!)

This is a few years old now. Love my girls!

This is a few years old now. Love my girls!

In Mended, Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters Blythe Daniel and her mom, Helen McIntosh, explore the ways mothers and daughter relate to each other. When I started reading Mended I wondered if any of it would be encouraging to me as I have a pretty good relationship with my own mother, my MIL, and my daughters, but I found that the information was applicable even in good relationships. (Also, I’ve now written “relationship” six times in two paragraphs… Well, in for a penny, in for a pound—I’m not going to stop to think of a clever new word to substitute.)

This line from the book was true:

“What follows in these pages is a menu of ideas, prayers, and principles that can repair generations of poor patterns, shatter years of bad memories, and make things new for the present and future.”

What a hopeful promise!

I appreciated Daniel and McIntosh's grace-filled approach to navigating the tricky waters of mother/daughter relationships. Full of practical advice, and personal stories, Mended will help you rethink how you interact with the important women in your life. I especially appreciated the admonition to choose valuing your relationship over simply being right.

Recommended for all women who desire a closer relationship (last time, I promise!) with the mother or daughters in her life.