Oh No! It's Here!

Well, friends, it finally happened. I blinked one too many times and now my oldest daughter is 13. Yep, we officially have a teenager in the house.

Macy and I during a trip to Key West, FL

Macy and I during a trip to Key West, FL

I believe the teenage years are a time to celebrate. Your children (and mine!) are growing into the people God called them to be. They are stretching their wings, finding their strengths, and beginning conversations about the future. An exciting time indeed.

The teenage years can also hold insecurities and doubts, both for parents (read: me) and the teen themselves. This is where Godly counsel and teaching comes in handy. I recently received an invitation to be on the book launch team for Parenting Beyond the Rules and I snatched up the opportunity. I am so glad I did.

In Parenting Beyond the Rules Author Connie Albers takes parents through practical tips on making the teenage years about more than just enforcing the rules. She reminds us that it is important to be present for your child and to provide them with a safe place to share their hearts and struggles.

My favorite chapter in this book is titled “The Family Team.” I loved the emphasis on your family being a team, with rules and boundaries but also with support and love. My husband and I often use “Team Christenson!” as a rallying cry for ourselves and our daughters, especially if we are doing something difficult.

Parenting Beyond the Rules is not a fluffy, no-substance book. Indeed, it features some of the failures Connie and her husband faced. It is filled with the how-tos of parenting teens. I recommend it for parents and others who work with teens (pastors, youth leaders, teachers etc.).