My Current Favorite

Do you ever see a book advertised online and think “Meh, I’ll give it a shot”? That was me with The Crescent Stone. Tyndale House advertised this book because they recently published its sequel, The Heartwood Crown. When I spotted it on Facebook I saw that it fit many of my criteria for trying a book. Namely: Does it have printed words? Check. Is it in English? Check. Would I be ashamed to tell my grandmother I’d read it? No. Check. Okay! I’ll try it!

Seriously though, The Crescent Stone is a YA Fantasy with Christian overtones, so it was destined to make it to my To-Be-Read pile either way.

A short blurb about the plot (no spoilers!) so you can decide if you’re interested:

Teenaged Madeline travels with a friend to a magical land. Adventures ensue.

Not enough of a blurb? I went into it with less than that so you have nothing to complain about (boy, I’m sassy today!).

I’m going to be straight with you. If I could force you to read this book, I’d be on your doorstep right now to present you with a copy and a cup of coffee; I enjoyed it that much. After I finished reading it, I basically strong-armed my 11 year old into starting the first chapter, then she was hooked (insert evil laugh here).

In The Crescent Stone, Matt Mikalatos presents a story that is funny (like, laugh out loud funny) and moving. With themes of friendship (one of my favorite themes, I can’t believe how often I reference it…), right vs. wrong, and social justice the adventures of Madeline and her friends will satisfy and delight you. Fantasy fans, YA readers, and adherents of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien will find themselves right at home in these pages. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the sequel.

Cautions/caveats: There are a few violent/gruesome scenes, as well as some more mature themes. I’d give the book a PG to PG-13 rating. That being said, I’m letting my 11yo read it… so you’ll have to make a judgement call. If you let your younger child watch or read Lord of the Rings, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

(You didn’t think I was done with the parentheses, did you? Well, I am. But, you know, sassy today.)