I’m thrilled to once again be part of the writing, development, and editing team for the devotional for the Thrive Women’s Conference. This year’s theme is Adamant Faith.

This 31-day devotional contains articles from Lisa Bevere, Susie Larson, and Yours Truly! (Along with 20+ other phenomenal writers, one of whom liked to joke that she co-wrote a book with Lisa Bevere.)

I personally found this a hard theme to write on as it is tempting to make the focus things WE need to do — we have to do all the work, we have to cling, we have to be the ones who are adamant. But, as I studied Psalm 18 and other passages, I found that it doesn’t matter if we are adamant, it’s God’s hold on us that matters. He never wavers.

He never lets us go.

I hope you’ll check it out.