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Phew, Sparks are Flying!

“Blazin’” Kate Burns returns home after the tragic death of her wildfire fighting father. Determined to follow in his legacy she joins the Jude County Hotshots. Sparks fly as she reunites with her old flame, Jed. Together they learn a little about trust, a little about love, and a lot about faith as they fight to put out the wildfires raging through Montana.

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A Must-Read for Every Budding Scientist

This story about a 12 year-old, redheaded, genius girl hit all the right notes for me as a mom and as someone who is trying to teach science to her daughters. Max’s character makes science sound interesting and attainable. More than that, though, Max Einstein is also kind, friendly, and humble about her smarts (unlike other people I could mention - I’m looking at you, Klaus!).

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