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Reader, I Need Your Help

This week I received a much anticipated package: a brand new, hot off the presses, copy of the newest edition of the NKJV Study Bible, and, you guys, it is beautiful. I had hoped to have this Bible in my hot little hands before Christmas in order for it to bless someone under their Christmas tree, but I’m kinda liking the idea of starting the new year with a new Bible.

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Fully Alive

But, I really was curious about the book, because I happen to agree with the premise as stated in the back cover blurb, “Research shows that our emotional, spiritual, and physical health are tightly intertwined. Spiritual difficulties can have physical consequences, and physical illnesses can have emotional and even spiritual ramifications.”

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Beneath the Ancient Dust

Can anything good come from Afghanistan? As an American who regularly hears negative news about Afghanistan, I wondered what light Beneath the Ancient Dust would shed on what the true Afghanistan is like. I discovered that, like most things, life in Afghanistan is more complex and nuanced than the local news would have us believe. I also discovered that there is much we can learn from the Afghan people about Biblical truth in everyday life. 

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