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An End and a Beginning

Several years ago, when my children were quite small, I found myself dragging through the Advent and Christmas season. What should have been a magical time of year — young children seeing Christmas lights for the first time is the best, you guys, and I was not into it AT ALL — felt instead like a slog through a slush filled, knee high, snowdrift. I needed a change. I needed a new tradition for myself.

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Adventurers, Grab a jacket. We're Heading to China and It's Wintertime.

Grace Lin has created a lovely world of Chinese characters, blending a little bit of history with a whole lot of Chinese folktales. The story weaves in and out of the folktales until you delightfully aren’t sure which is which. Characters in the tales take on new meaning as the plot thickens. I tried to guess how it would all turn out, but I was still surprised by the ending.

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