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A Book Recommendation I'm Glad I Took

I glean book recommendations everywhere I go. On airplanes, I’m the creep who is craning her neck to see the title of the paperback you are reading. At the library I send surreptitious glances at the stacks on books in someone else’s hands. If you casually mention reading something interesting, I pounce on the tidbit like a cat after her favorite catnip toy. But, let’s be honest, I mostly get my book recommendations from Facebook. (Got a good book I should know about? Drop it in the comments!)

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Hey! Do You Wanna Go For A Drive?

I love a good road trip. I grew up taking some epic road trips with my family and now we are torturing, I mean treating our daughters to the same delights. In fact, in just a few days, we are taking a “bucket list” road trip as we drive the Overseas Highway from the Miami area down to the Florida Keys (does anyone else get the Beach Boys stuck in their head when they talk about the Keys? Just me? Okay.).

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