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Guys! My Friend Wrote a Book! Bonus: Giveaway!!

We’re at a point in human history where you can call someone “friend” without ever meeting them face to face. Technology brings our world closer than ever. Today’s book review is a review of a book a friend of mine wrote - a friend I only know online. I met Xochitl Dixon through a contest wherein I was attempting to win a prize. Instead I won a friend. Cue the “awwww’s”. You may feel she is a friend as well, because she is a frequent writer for Our Daily Bread and I know many of you read that publication. Every time I spot one of her devotionals in ODB I have a secret grin, because, you know, I KNOW her!

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Reader, I Need Your Help

This week I received a much anticipated package: a brand new, hot off the presses, copy of the newest edition of the NKJV Study Bible, and, you guys, it is beautiful. I had hoped to have this Bible in my hot little hands before Christmas in order for it to bless someone under their Christmas tree, but I’m kinda liking the idea of starting the new year with a new Bible.

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