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Hey! Do You Wanna Go For A Drive?

I love a good road trip. I grew up taking some epic road trips with my family and now we are torturing, I mean treating our daughters to the same delights. In fact, in just a few days, we are taking a “bucket list” road trip as we drive the Overseas Highway from the Miami area down to the Florida Keys (does anyone else get the Beach Boys stuck in their head when they talk about the Keys? Just me? Okay.).

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I was first introduced to the humor of John Hodgman through his podcast “Judge John Hodgman” where he solves simple disputes between friends and family. Disputes such as: who gets to choose the music on car trips? Or: is cereal rightly considered a soup? Or even:  His judgements are usually fair, often thoughtful, and always funny. When I saw that his latest book, Vacationland, shelved with the new releases at our library, I snatched it up.

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