Watch, Wait, Wonder -- Part 1

The world hung dark and formless. No creature yet existed, no plant grew heavy with fruit. 

The spirit of God moved across the waters and sent His voice, His Word, out across the deep. “Let there be LIGHT!” And the world experienced its first day. 

God continued speaking, creating, bringing order to the formless world.

“Let there be trees!

Let there be stars! 

Let there be starfish and walleye 

and chickens and parakeets 

and giraffes and camels and elephants!”

And all happened as God said. The world teemed with beautiful things - fresh and new.

And it was very good.

“Let there be man, made after our own image. Let Man and Woman be our image bearers to rule over this world, and We can have communion with them.”

And so, God made man and woman. They walked with God in the cool of the garden each evening. 

Life was good. 

Life was perfect.

What would that have been like? To walk with God - brushing your fingertips over the leaves of a shrub you pass by, 

stopping to smell a lily 

or a hibiscus 

or a rose. 

To walk unencumbered by sin, by pain, by regrets and shame. 

What would it have been like to talk to God without misunderstanding, without a barrier, to talk to Him face to face?

Perfect. It sounds perfect.


Now the serpent was more crafty than all the animals God made. He slithered up to the woman, to Eve, and whispered in her ear “Did God really say….” 

Now, Dear Readers, when Satan whispers in your ear “Did God really say…” look out. His intent is to cause you to doubt. He is there for nothing but trouble. 

Eve, seduced and intrigued, replied to the serpent “We must not eat from the tree in the middle of the garden. We must not even touch it.”

The liar and father of lies laughed out an answer, “You will not die. You will become like God and He doesn’t want that. Go ahead, taste and see.”

In that terrible moment, Eve forgot her history. 

She forgot that God created her and her husband in His own image. She forgot the walks among the flowers. She forgot the love God bestowed on her. 

In that terrible moment Eve knew only want. 

She took the fruit. With juice dripping from her chin, she offered a bite to her husband and he tasted it too.

My Dear Readers, in that terrible, terrible moment, Communion with God came to a screeching halt. Gone were the carefree days in the garden. Gone was the unencumbered relationship with God.

Adam and Eve sinned and all of mankind bear the consequences. Death swept in. Its first shadows seen in the shame Adam and Eve felt. Then Death’s shadow loomed ever higher as they hid from God. 

Death overwhelmed mankind and the earth as God’s curse rang forth.

“Cursed is the ground because of you! You will toil all the days of your life. By the sweat of your brow you will earn your food and when you have died you will return to the earth as dust.”

Man and wife left the garden, their place of sweet communion with God. 

But all was not lost. 

Even then God knew His plan for us. He knew how to restore our perfect relationship. 

“Watch,” He told Eve. “Wait and see what I will do. There is one coming who will undo this terrible moment. He will crush the serpent underfoot. 




Andrea ChristensonComment