Watch, Wait, Wonder -- Part 2


If there is one universal truth about mankind it is that we as a people are not very good at watching, nor of waiting. Man, with their built in need for God, longed for the closeness of the garden. They tried everything to regain that relationship - even building a tower so tall it reached the clouds. 

And God said, “This is not my plan. 




He scattered the people across the earth, tossing confusion in their wake. 

The peoples grew and multiplied. And with this increase their wickedness increased. They forgot the God of the garden and began to worship gods made from their own hands and their own imaginations. 

Into this world of darkness was born a man named Abram and the first murmurings of God’s plan were heard. 

“Count the stars,” God told Abram. “Your children will be as numerous as the constellations above your head.”

Abram counted, Abram marveled. 

“Number the grains of sand on the seashore,” God told Abram. “I will surely bless you. I will multiply your children as the sands on the seashore.”

What would that have been like? Childless Abram, reaching down, scooping up a palmful of dust and then feeling the grains fall across his fingertips. What went through his mind?

Abram counted, Abram wondered.

“You are no longer Abram,” God said. “You will now be called Abraham, for you will be the father of many.” 

God kept His word, as He always does. The children of Abraham and Sarah, his wife, grew in number, into a great nation. 

And then came Slavery. The Hebrews, as they were then called, were forced to serve as slaves to all of Egypt.

Dear Readers, we are slaves as well. Slaves to our sin. And friends, the wages of sin is death. Only death. 

The Hebrews groaned for a Savior as we groan. “Oh who will rescue us? Where is our Savior?”

And the murmurings of God’s plan became stronger. 




And God remembered the Hebrews, His chosen people. He heard their groans. He sent Moses to guide them out of slavery and into a land He promised them. 

Have you ever been given a gift? Something you hardly dared allow yourself to hope for? The Hebrews must have felt that same way, only a million times more. They were free! They walked out of Egypt and across the Red Sea on dry land.

What joy! What singing and dancing! This must be the salvation God promised. 

But God again said, 




I will send one who is greater, who is more perfect, than Moses. I will deliver you from far more than bodily slavery.”