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Watch, Wait, Wonder -- Part 5

A long time before Mary and Joseph, long, long before that first Christmas, God set up a system to temporarily cover the sins of His people. God’s desire has always been to live in communion with us, but a Holy God cannot live with sinful man. 

In His love, God set up a system of sacrifice. With the shedding of a lamb’s blood, their sins could be washed away - temporarily. This was a taste, a foreshadow of what was to come. 

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Watch, Wait, Wonder -- Part 2

“Number the grains of sand on the seashore,” God told Abram. “I will surely bless you. I will multiply your children as the sands on the seashore.”

What would that have been like? Childless Abram, reaching down, scooping up a palmful of dust and then feeling the grains fall across his fingertips. What went through his mind?

Abram counted, Abram wondered.

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   Imagine that. Imagine being called by God to do a task. Imagine the God of the universe looking down, seeing all of mankind spread out before Him. He peruses the choices, stroking His divine chin. One by one He eliminates the options and then He says, "That one, that one right there, she's the one I want for this.” Chosen out of all creation, chosen for a task only you can do.

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I like to keep the notebooks I’ve filled up from year to year. If you flip through the pages, you’ll wonder why I consider them valuable. They aren’t journals filled with my adventures, and I don’t jot down wise thoughts along the borders, at least, not usually. What these college ruled, spiral bound, beat up pages generally contain is: lists

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