What Happened Next

His heart was pounding like a galloping stallion as he rode into the yard and up to the house at the Double T. The last time he came here the owner had run him off with a Winchester rifle. Secure in the knowledge that he was here to speak truth, he climbed the steps of the porch. He took off his hat and rapped on the door. Three sharp knocks. The door creaked open to reveal the owner. If looks could kill, Luke Williams would be a dead man. Luke summoned his courage and spoke. 

"Trudy Thompson," he said. "I love ya. Will ya marry me?"

Trudy squealed, dropped her loaded Winchester, and jumped into Luke's arms. The gun went off with a shot that echoed for miles. The bullet narrowly missed hitting Luke, but it traveled straight through his horse's heart, dropping the animal instantly. 

"Woman, you're gonna be the death of me," Luke growled. 

"You wouldn't have it any other way," Trudy replied and planted a kiss square on Luke's mouth. He forgot all about the horse.


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