On Grief

Lately I've been thinking a lot about grief and comfort. Well, mostly comfort really. What brings us comfort? How does grief heal? Here are some things I've learned. 

On grief
Grief springs out at you when you least expect it.
At the grocery store.
During a car commercial.
Reading a recipe.

Grief changes form.
Ebb and flow.
Buried deep.

Grief colors every mood.

Grief is shared but never the same.

On Comfort
Comfort comes to me in routine, the sacred ordinary.
Grinding coffee.
Baking bread.
Folding laundry.

Comfort is found in the unexpected.
The kindness of a stranger.
A timely phone call.
A thoughtful gift from a friend.

Comfort comes through memories.
The electric blue ice cream.
Sharing a cup of coffee.
Smiles, hugs, and advice.

Mostly comfort comes to me in the promises of our unchanging God.
I am with you in the shadow of death.
I will never leave you.
I am preparing a place for you.
I will wipe away all your tears.