Luke knew this day was coming. Had known it for quite some time actually. But that didn't make it any easier, and it sure as shootin' didn't mean he had to take it lying down. No, he was determined to do whatever it took. Even if it meant laying his heart and his life on the line. 

He pulled on his boots and jammed his Stetson onto his curly brown hair. Time to get doin' what needed to be done. Rising from his chair he briefly considered his six-gun. Nope. This wasn't a time for lead, this was a time for words. Feeling naked and exposed he strode out of his house without the gun. 

This warrin' with the owner of the Double T has got to stop, he reflected from atop his grey palomino. He'd finally figured out a way to end the conflict. After tossing and turning all last night, in the wee hours the answer came to him in a flash. It was so obvious he should have thought of it sooner. The truth of what he needed to do propelled him out of bed this morning. 

His heart was pounding like a galloping stallion as he rode into the yard and up to the house at the Double T. The last time he was here the owner had run him off with a Winchester rifle. Secure in the knowledge that he was here to speak truth, he climbed the steps of the porch. He took off his hat and rapped on the door. Three sharp knocks. The door creaked open to reveal the owner. If looks could kill, Luke Williams would be a dead man. Luke summoned his courage and spoke. 

"Trudy Thompson," he said. "I love ya. Will ya marry me?"