Macy and Anna Save Candyland Bite 8


Chapter 15

A Daring Rescue

    "Safely stored at the bottom of the cart." He replied ruefully. 

    "Peter, do you carry a shaving razor?" Peter kept his face clean shaven, surely he would need to use a razor. 

    "Well, yes, but I don't know what became of my bag. I carried it on my back, but it came off in the struggle." Macy opened her eyes. 

    "Everyone who can move a little look around for that bag." She ordered. For the first time since entering the clearing beyond the Gumdrop cut, she took a good look around. They sat in a peaceful meadow of sorts with trees along the right side. To the left, where the ground dropped into a cliff, she saw the plains spreading out far below. All around lay small gumdrops and pieces of gumdrops and piles of gumdrops. Her friends also scanned the area.

    "Wow," Anna said. "It's beautiful here. Look how far you can see!" Far below them in the valley, if they looked carefully, they could see the road curving and winding away into the distance. To the right, through the trees, they could see the rest of the Gumdrop Mountains. Their view behind was blocked by the pass they had come through, they could hardly see the pile of gumdrops that had fallen over the path. Ahead was the trail, stretching straight and flat for a while before gently rising into the slope that led to the true pass through the mountains. 

    "There!" Peter called out. "I see my pack!" His pack was resting next to a two foot, blue gumdrop near the edge of the meadow. The edge closest to the cliff. Someone was going to have to roll over and get it. Macy felt her heart start to race. Someone was going to have to go over there without the use of their hands and retrieve the bag. Could they even do it without falling over the cliff? She heard a noise. Anna was already moving in the direction of the pack. She used a sort of squat, sliding motion, sitting up and pulling her body forward by digging in her heels and bending her legs. 

    "Anna, wait! Stop." Macy said. "Let's think this through."

    "What's to think through?" Anna replied. "We need the pack, I'm getting the pack. End of story."

    "No, wait. We can't guarantee that you can retrieve it safely. How are you going to pick it up? How are you going to bring it back? We need to figure it out."

    "Macy, we can't just sit around here and think all day! We need to move. We need to get out of here! I'm going over there. I'll figure it out as I go."

    "No! Wait!"

    "What?" Anna was exasperated. 

    "I'm coming with you." Macy began the same scoot, slide Anna had begun. Slowly they made their way across the path and then the small meadow. They stopped several times when they ran over a particularly large gumdrop. 

    "Don't say anything to the others, but I'm going to need to ice my bottom when this is over," Anna muttered to Macy. Macy started to snicker and soon Anna was joining her. 

    "Is everything all right?" Peter called. 

    "We're fine. Just a little slap happy is all." This made the sisters start to giggle again. They continued inching their way closer to the pack, one leg pull at a time. 

    When the two came within four feet of the bag, Anna looked at Macy and asked,

    "How do you want to do this?" Macy looked at the position of the bag against the rock. Now that they were closer she could see that it was even nearer the edge than she previously thought. The gumdrop it was leaning against was already tipping toward the chasm. 

    "There is no way we can get that bag. If we get any closer, we risk going over the edge, or knocking the bag over the side. I can't take that chance."

    "If we don't try to get the razor that is packed somewhere inside that bag, we risk staying trussed up here like a stuffed Thanksgiving goose, ready for a pack of very hungry bears to eat! Can you take that chance?" Anna retorted. Macy sighed. Anna was right, of course. They needed that bag. No way around it, they had to take the risk. 


Chapter 16

What was in Peter’s Pack 

    "I'll go," Macy said. "You scoot closer with me, and sit on my feet." Macy moved her body across the few remaining feet. She felt the cool breeze rushing up from the valley floor. She turned her body so her arms, which were tied behind her back, could reach for the pack. "Okay, Anna, rest your body on my feet. I'm going to scoot even closer to open the bag. Hold me steady." Anna laid her legs on top of Macy's, trying to stabilize her as much as possible. Macy leaned back, fingers extended toward the clasp on the bag. Her fingers brushed against the cool metal. She felt a loop near the top of the bag and held it tight with her left hand, with the other hand she fumbled for a grip on the latch. The bag slipped and fell back against the gumdrop rock again. The gumdrop wobbled and teetered on the edge of the cliff. 

    "Careful!" Anna warned. 

    "I am being careful," Macy said through gritted teeth. Cautiously, she felt for the bag again. This time she held onto it with both hands, getting a firm grip. "It's not safe to open it here, I'm going to try to move it away from the edge. Steady my feet." She dug her heels in and pulled with her legs, her hands holding tightly to the oversized pack. The bag and the girl moved a few inches. The gumdrop rock gave up its tenuous place on the edge of the cliff and slipped off the side. They could hear it as it bounced down to the valley below. Beads of sweat popped out along Macy's hairline. Her heart was pounding the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon blasts. Anna moved off her feet and she pushed her legs out straight again. She dug in her heels again and pulled. The bag made deep grooves where it dragged along the ground. She repeated the procedure again and again, until, finally, they were a safe distance from the edge. Relief flooded Macy. They made it. Anna was safe. The bag was safe. Now, to find the razor. 

    "What do you have in here? Stones? Bricks? A complete encyclopedia set?" She teased Peter. 

    "Only a few essentials for a journey, Ma'am." was the stiff reply. Macy maneuvered the bag so it was between herself and Anna. Working together, the two freed the clasp and began unpacking the luggage. Anna craned her neck around to see the supplies and named aloud everything she grabbed out. 

    "One skillet. One wild herb cookbook. One wooden spoon. One packet of dried vegetables. One packet of dried meat. Several shirts, blue, red, brown, and white. Good choices, Peter." He merely nodded at that comment. "Two pairs of pants," she went on. "One comb. Some unmentionables." Peter began looking uncomfortable. "What's this wrapped up in a towel? One very large... knife..... Wait a minute, you had a knife all this time? Why didn't you say something?"

    "I, uh, forgot all about it," Peter said miserably. "I did not use it at all on this trip, it is for cooking, not self defense, and I simply forgot I had packed it." 

    "You forgot about a knife? You forgot about something that could potentially save our lives?"

    "Erm, um, yes? Well, to be completely honest, I did remember it a few moments ago when the pack was safe. I just... didn't know how to tell you. I'm quite embarrassed."

    "Well, I guess it wouldn't have made a difference if we knew any earlier. At least we should be able to get these ropes cut off now." Anna assured him.  She handed the knife to Macy. "Quick, cut my ropes off." Macy carefully sliced through the licorice at the loosest point. When Anna's arms were free she took the knife, cut through the ropes around her shins, and then quickly stood up and cut the others free as well. Everyone picked themselves up off the ground. 

    "Damage report." Macy said. "Mr. Mint? How's that knee?"

    "I can walk, but it needs to be wrapped." Wincing, he took a few steps around the clearing. 

    "Come here," Macy picked up the pieces of her cape from where they had fallen and began tearing it into strips. "I'll bind it for you." She grew sad at the thought of the beautiful cape in pieces. We must do what must be done, she reminded herself. It was another of her mother's favorite sayings. Mr. Mint limped over and she bound his knee tightly. 

    "Peter? Anything to report?"

    "Now that the feeling is back in my legs, I am fine. A little stiff, but I shall live."

    "Starlight? Let's get that wound looked at." Starlight walked over on his short legs. His red fur mingled with matted blood. "Does anyone still have a canteen of water?" Macy asked. Anna found one in the supplies she had collected. Macy poured the cool water over the beaver's arm and then wrapped the wound with the cleanest strip of the cape she could find. "It's not as good as going to a hospital, but it will have to do for now. Anna, I know where your injuries are. I don't think I can help you with those. I'm relatively unhurt as well. Now to get off this mountain and away for the gummy bears." The group moved as quickly as they could away from the clearing.